How Does It Work?

We use the most respected vulnerability sources to determine your Smart Phone Security Score.

What Do I Need To Do?

Getting your score is totally free. No registration or credit card required. You can view your results below.

What Does My Score Mean?

The higher your score, the harder it is for a hacker to take over your phone, steal your data or defraud you.


When we surveyed our users, 70% said they wanted us to provide a list of recommended smartphone models to improve their security. So we did the required research and the results are shown below.

We recommend ONLY the following models that earned MySmartPhone’s highest security rating:

Where is the best place to find these models?

MySmartPhone Reward Certificates are accepted exclusively at the locations shown on the map below.

Enjoy significant savings while improving your security. If there is anything else we can do to help, please feel free to Contact Us.

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